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My Experiences with Taraweeh Now

Once upon a time when I used to go pray Taraweeh prayers, they were different. I found myself getting bored, staring at the carpet at times and getting a bit frustrated at other times – why? Simply because I didn’t understand what the Imam was reciting. Though his voice was beautiful, I really wanted to understand what he was saying but being a non-Arabic speaker, I only knew how to read the Quran, not understand it and I felt really left out especially when the Imam recited some verses that caused him and people to tears… everyone except me of course ( unless I cried because I didn’t understand anything! lol – joking 😛 )

I am sure many can relate to my experiences, so from that frustration of not understanding, I prayed to Allah that he granted me the ability to understand his words. I didn’t know how, where, the way to go about but I just asked Allah for it.

And one thing lead to another, I got into learning more Arabic, Quran etc and fast forward a few Ramadans and things are completely different! Alhamdulilah, my taraweeh today is completely different to my experience then and its something that I really look forward to daily because I understand so much more now! 🙂

No doubt, I still have a long way to go in my Quranic Arabic/Arabic in general – But if you find yourself in that same boat that I was in before then don’t lose hope. I totally understand what your going through.

What you need to do is make that sincere intention and ask Allah for it because he will open up a way for you even if you find yourself busy with so many things. You can do it, but only with Allah’s help.


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Where & How to Learn Arabic Online

Many people have asked me how and where I learn Arabic and Quran online so instead of just listing the links to the websites, I decided to create a post about this so I can also include in a few things that I have learned with learning Arabic (fusha/classical) through this mode.


Firstly, many of us would love to get that opportunity to go overseas to learn Arabic but not everyone gets the chance. So instead of dreaming, we should all do what we can within our capability to get closer to this goal. The good thing about having this attitude is that even if we do end up going overseas then at least we would know the basics of Arabic which many people who actually have gone overseas advise others to learn first.

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5 reasons why every Muslim needs to learn Arabic

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The Imam clears his throat and begins

Bismillahi Ar Rahmani Rahim, Alhamdulilahi Rabil a’lameen

This is going to be a long night you think, as you start the first set of a 20 rakaat Taraweeh prayer. The mind games begin to unfold, the analysis of the carpet commences and you begin to follow on behind the Imam not understanding a word that is being uttered.

Does this situation sound familiar?

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