If people are not there for you then know that Allah is Always Is

Just heard a very disturbing story first hand, whereby a revert sister went through a difficult time in her life which caused her Eman to decrease and as a result caused her to remove her hijab. 

The sad thing was that her Muslim friends decided to tell her off and desert her instead of sticking by her and practising the very essence of sisterhood.

SubhanAllah.. May Allah forgive and grant us understanding.

To my dear Muslim sisters, remember to never judge anyone. This is only up to Allah. We do not know what caused people to do what they are doing, what was their situation and what was the root cause.

Remember that when advising someone we do so in the best possible way as the Prophet (saw) taught us and harshness often does more harm then good.

And most importantly remember that your practising of Islam is a blessing from Allah and being given such blessing should not make us arrogant for Allah may forgive a person for their ignorance and punish you for your arrogance.

Finally, if this has happened to you and your Muslim friends were not there to support you when you needed them then do not despair, know that Allah is always there for you. Never fall into the trap of judging the beautiful teachings of Islam by the actions of the people who practise it.


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