Where & How to Learn Arabic Online

Many people have asked me how and where I learn Arabic and Quran online so instead of just listing the links to the websites, I decided to create a post about this so I can also include in a few things that I have learned with learning Arabic (fusha/classical) through this mode.


Firstly, many of us would love to get that opportunity to go overseas to learn Arabic but not everyone gets the chance. So instead of dreaming, we should all do what we can within our capability to get closer to this goal. The good thing about having this attitude is that even if we do end up going overseas then at least we would know the basics of Arabic which many people who actually have gone overseas advise others to learn first.

Secondly, before I begin about online Arabic classes, I would like to make it clear that I am in no way undermining the value of face to face group classes. They definitely have their pros and work for different people.


And keep in mind that regardless of which way you learn Arabic, you require motivation and commitment. Its hard work! But with the right intention, Allah does make it easy for you and the fruits of it are amazing – especially when you begin to understand the Quran/Hadiths and you can’t believe you lived many years of your life without knowing this.

So without further ado, let me begin.

Why online classes?

  •  Flexible. By learning Arabic online, I have control over my classes. This means I can cancel anytime and still have the comfort of knowing that I have not missed out on anything.
  • Convenient. My lessons are in the comfort of my room – no need to leave anywhere for classes and no more being late because of traffic. The good thing about this is that I can squeeze more classes in a week as I don’t lose any time in travelling and getting ready (yes, classes with pyjamas are perfectly fine :p).
  • Study at your own pace. 100% of your teacher’s attention is on you so you can go as slow as you like or as fast as you like.
  • Private. Uttering your first words in a foreign language or even asking your teacher to explain a concept for the millionth time (okay slight exaggeration here :D) can be quite daunting especially when you have many sets of eyes watching you but with 1 to 1 online lessons, there is really no reason to feel uncomfortable.


About My Institutes

 There are quite a few institutes out there teaching Arabic online but here are the two I have had experience with. Both are based in Egypt.


This is who I currently do my classes with; I have had no problems with them and have no hesitations in recommending them.


My level 0 Arabic teacher, who used to teach at Qortoba, now works at this institute. I also know of a friend who learns Quran from here and likes it.



Tips to Keep Mind

  • When applying for these institutes, they offer a free trial class. Make use of these classes and do not hesitate to switch teachers if the one you were assigned with during this trial lesson did not fit well with you (personally, I didn’t have a problem with the teacher I was first assigned to) and also if your teachers are switched during your learning (which rarely happens) do not hesitate to practise the above.
  • Many of the teachers at these institutes do not speak English to level we do with the exception of a few, e.g. my first Arabic teacher for Level 0, mashaAllah. So be patient and know that more exposure to Arabic is better for your learning.
  • With regards to how much commitment is required, I found that just attending classes and doing your homework is sufficient. Obviously doing extra practise is great but even with the bare minimum; I was able to hold a basic conversation with Arabic speakers in my last trip to Umrah.
  • Try your best to refrain from speaking English because later on as your class progresses and your vocabulary increase, you will have a hard time switching to Arabic if you have been speaking English most of the time.
  • Set your intentions right and be sincere. You are learning this in order to strengthen your relationship with Allah and become closer to him. Once you are firm with this then Allah will help you
  • And last but not least, make dua! It worked for me and will definitely work for you. It is such a simple yet powerful thing to do for your learning. Make dua that Allah makes this learning easy for you, that Allah grants you the motivation to keep up with the classes and that Allah accepts this effort from you. Remember, it is by the blessings of Allah that you have this opportunity and he is the one granting you with the ability to learn it.

Stay tuned for more posts on how to get the best out of your Arabic classes based of my experiences 🙂


  1. #1 by modeststateofmind on December 13, 2012 - 5:00 am

    Ma Shaa Allah ! Have to look into these sites. How did u pay ?

    • #2 by Bint Nuh on December 13, 2012 - 12:03 pm

      Salams, they offer a few payment options. As for me, I transferred funds by doing an international wire transfer.

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