My Experiences with Taraweeh Now

Once upon a time when I used to go pray Taraweeh prayers, they were different. I found myself getting bored, staring at the carpet at times and getting a bit frustrated at other times – why? Simply because I didn’t understand what the Imam was reciting. Though his voice was beautiful, I really wanted to understand what he was saying but being a non-Arabic speaker, I only knew how to read the Quran, not understand it and I felt really left out especially when the Imam recited some verses that caused him and people to tears… everyone except me of course ( unless I cried because I didn’t understand anything! lol – joking 😛 )

I am sure many can relate to my experiences, so from that frustration of not understanding, I prayed to Allah that he granted me the ability to understand his words. I didn’t know how, where, the way to go about but I just asked Allah for it.

And one thing lead to another, I got into learning more Arabic, Quran etc and fast forward a few Ramadans and things are completely different! Alhamdulilah, my taraweeh today is completely different to my experience then and its something that I really look forward to daily because I understand so much more now! 🙂

No doubt, I still have a long way to go in my Quranic Arabic/Arabic in general – But if you find yourself in that same boat that I was in before then don’t lose hope. I totally understand what your going through.

What you need to do is make that sincere intention and ask Allah for it because he will open up a way for you even if you find yourself busy with so many things. You can do it, but only with Allah’s help.


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